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Georgia Tech Login Service

Two-Factor Required

Access Denied. The username you have entered cannot authenticate with Duo Security. Please contact your system administrator.

This error message is displayed when your account is required to use strong, two-factor logins but has not yet been onboarded with Duo, our two-factor service provider.

To be able to again log into Georgia Tech applications, you need to work with any of the following who can set up your account with Duo:

  1. Your local IT lead or IT support staff, listed here.
  2. OIT's Technology Service Center, located in Clough ULC, or
  3. Any employee who is already using Duo can onboard you with Passport's "Assist Another Person" section.

It will be helpful if you've read and followed the pre-duo-checklist.


Some of the motivations for two-factor logins at Georgia Tech's can be found here.

The rollout of two-factor at Georgia Tech has been ongoing. As of Jan 23, 2017, the following people are required to use strong, two-factor logins in order to protect the integrity of Georgia Tech's academic, research and administrative systems:

  • All Faculty and Staff
  • All types of employees of certain departments (GTRI, OIT and the Development Office)
  • Users of high-security applications

More information can be found at